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   ighland or upland bananas , as the name suggests, are grown in areas with elevation ranging from 500 to about a thousand meters above sea level. This is a departure from the conventional system of growing bananas on flat and contiguous areas.

Natural Kingdom / Premia
Natural Kingdom / Premia

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Upland Eco Banana
   ince bananas are grown on higher ground, the plants are exposed to shorter daylight time, lower temperature and higher moisture levels.
   hile these factors lead to slower vegetative growth and thus takes longer days for fruits to reach maturity when compared to its lowland counterpart, the highland or upland bananas are better known for its fuller fingers, shorter but sturdier necks, thicker peel and a deep yellow pulp which is richer in texture, sweeter and aromatic. Moreover, the upland banana has longer shelf life and as such, no post-harvest chemical treatment is necessary.