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Upland Eco Banana
Friendly Banana

Natural Kingdom / Premia

  PLAND ECO BANANA which is grown with a minimum elevation of 500 meters above sea level, is produced and exported by Highland Banana Corporation . Upland Eco bananas are produced using very innovative and ecologically-friendly cultural practices like the adoption of integrated pest management (IPM), more application of organic fertilizers, no post-harvest treatment, etc. The Tri-Star Group through Highland Banana Corporation has pioneered the production of this product line. This is in response to FOOD SAFETY concerns plus the ever-discriminating taste of the consumers' for sweet and safe upland bananas.

   acked up by 10 years of extensive research work in producing “less-chemical” bananas, it was very natural for the Tri-Star Group to venture into producing this special line of bananas up in the highlands. The promise UPLAND ECO BANANAS offers to its customers is PREMIUM QUALITY plus FOOD SAFETY. Premium quality because Upland bananas are renowned for its fruit characteristics and superior taste over the conventional lowland bananas. Food safety because the Tri-Star group guarantees that no synthetic chemical will touch the fruit from the time the first banana hand appears until the time these are packed in boxes ready for shipment.
Upland Eco Banana