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   ur hauling and logistical services portfolio is handled by Tri-Star Logistics, Inc. (TLI). TLI was founded on January 25, 2001 to serve the hauling and logistical requirements of its affiliate banana and other support service companies with primary focus on on-time delivery. It has a fleet of tractors, flatbed trucks and trailers, 6 and 10 wheeler trucks and forklifts. The company's fleet of hauling equipment has an average age of 1 1/2 years, and each carries mobile radio communications equipment so the customers' cargo can be constantly tracked. In fact, our on-time performance is excellent and we excel when the demands are at the highest level. Whatever it takes, TLI will move your cargoes on time, every time.
  riStar Support Group engages on the general business of providing services either as principals, advisers or representatives for any individual, firm, association, cooperative, enterprises or corporation engaged in any lawful business and industry; provides financial, information technology (IT) and consultancy services, including but not limited to tax returns filing, payroll services, cash flow and budgeting, selection and implementation of IT services, and many other management services.
   avao Trade Exponents, Inc. (DTEI) was established on November 12, 1998 to act as managers or managing agents of persons, firms, associations, corporations, partnership and other entities; to provide management, investment and technical advise for commercial, industrial, manufacturing and other kinds of enterprises. It also provides management and technical advice on production, manufacturing and trading of organic fertilizers, laboratory research and study on soil analysis, nematology, tissue analysis, entomology, tissue-culture production of plantlets and ripening of fruits. To support these, DTEI has its own laboratory and invested heavily in state of the art facilities and highly qualified human resources to provide its vast clientele with efficient services.
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